Bettina and Elaine are best friends, living life in NYC technologically in sync. Bettina can’t decide which condoms to buy? Elaine had a rough day and needs to vent? Both are hustling to get to a yoga class? No problem! Through the power of their phones the ladies have each other’s backs whenever and wherever. Each episode features one moment in friendship, be it funny, heartfelt, or eccentric.



After seeing plenty of catty female friendships depicted in the media, Kristina and Calaine set out to create a web series that told a different story. Following a successful IndieGogo campaign, they now present an original series celebrating friendship that is loving, supportive, and funny, showcasing a much more positive kind of bond. Recognizing that their own friendship wouldn’t be possible without a little help from technology, the two chose to incorporate phones into the show, giving it a modern and original twist. No matter what, Bettina and Elaine remain positive, supportive and “virtually” inseparable. At a snackable length of 2-4 minutes, each episode can stand alone as a snapshot of friendship.


BE Posters designed by
Jessica Schafer 
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