On set of Season One's final episode, #ToInfinityAndBEyond. Photo by  Allison Stock .

On set of Season One's final episode, #ToInfinityAndBEyond. Photo by Allison Stock.

Kristina Mueller and Calaine Schafer (Creators, Co-Producers, Writers & Actors) are probably eating dessert somewhere right now. They are ragamuffins in the morning, underdogs in the afternoon, geeks in the evening and revelers at night. If they each know one thing, it's that the other is just a text or phone call away at anytime, anywhere. To follow their other actorial endeavors, check out: and #BEintouch

March Forth Productions was founded in 2013 by Laura Archer (Co-Producer, Director & Editor). It is dedicated to producing quality, thought provoking work in theatre and film, and advancing the talents of up and coming artists.

Philip Rossi (Director) @philipjrossi

Lizzi Albert (Director) @LizziAlbert

Niki Armato (AD, Editor) @Nika_CloudKicka

Eric Sluyter (Soundmixer, Composer) 

Alex Ricciardi (Colorist) @endlesspicnic

Jessica Schafer (Designer, Titles & Web) @helenebean

[In alphabetical Order]


Lizzi Albert
Jonathan Braylock
Bill Cozy
Anthony Dailey
Julian Giat
Alex Gould
Elizabeth Gray
Jeremy Johnson
Mariella Mosthof
Philip Rossi
Genevieve Taricco
Cynthia Vazquez
Claire Warden

Sarah Wharton

Friend 1 - #UnBEatable
Brian - #JellyBEans/Friend 4 - #UnBEatable
Coffee Shop Customer - #BEaCatch
Restaurant Diner 2 - #JellyBEans
Subway Rider - #DownwardFacingBE
Bad Date - #JellyBEans
Friend 3 - #UnBEatable
Old Hippie - #BEepBEep
Annoyed Friend - #UnBEatable
Friend 2 - #UnBEatable
Restaurant Diner 3 - #JellyBEans
Hostess - #WhenYouGottaBE
Bathroom Goer - #WhenYouGottaBE
Restaurant Diner 1 - #JellyBEans


Mike Anzel
Niki Armato
Anna Bearman
Donald Chang
Christian Cruz
Naava Feingold
Dara Israel
Molly Mack
Katie Oscar
Jeremy Smith
Lyida Sudall
Chad Young

Sound Recordist
Assistant Director, Production Assistant
Hair & Make-Up
Assistant Director, Production Assistant
Assistant Camera
Sound Recordist
Production Assistant
Art Director
Director of Photography


Lisa Archer
Michael J Bultman
Kevin Gregor
Michael Grenham
Dolly Griskus
Mark Hoffner
Libby Jensen
Michael Moote
Kristin Nelson
Tom Oppenheim

Fazel Rehman
Kyle J Smith
Will Sullivan
Steve White

The Annex
Bikram Yoga NYC
Materials for the Arts
The Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Value Price Pharmacy